Services Offered

If you don’t see the service listed below that you need, call (866.850.4257) or email us to see if we may be able to assist you.

  • Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Sometimes mistakenly refered to as hood cleaning, we clean the entire system to NFPA 96 standards, not just the hoods.   Click here to see our process!

  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    Sometimes your staff needs a little help maintaining the kitchen.  We have experience cleaning:  Floors, Ovens, Fryers, Char Grills, Griddles, Drains, etc.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Fan Service

    We understand that our customers’ ability to make money is tied directly to a functioning kitchen exhaust system.  For this reason, we offer emergency service 24/7 to get you open and cooking ASAP.  CLICK HERE FOR EMERGENCY SERVICE

  • Filter Exchange Program

    In order to optimize your kitchen exhaust system, clean filters are a necessity for efficient airflow, and for overall cleanliness and safety. But… you’re tight on space to clean them and months have gone by and you can’t remember the last time they’ve been checked – or actually replaced.

    With our professional Filter Exchange Program, we regularly remove your systems’ dirty filters and replace them with clean ones. We provide both sets – the clean set to install and the set being cleaned – so you never have to replace them or worry about their condition.

    This program will save you time and money! Call now! We also sell replacement filters!

  • Soak Tank Leasing Service

    Regular complete cleaning extends to all kitchen parts or pieces of equipment. Our Soak Tank Service and industrial strength chemicals make it easy to thoroughly strip the deep grease from kitchen equipment parts, such as grates from the char grill. (Note: No aluminum products allowed). We set up and service the tank at your facility with regularly scheduled visits to change the chemicals.