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Need to Request Service or a quote? Use the form to the right and we will address your needs ASAP! Or, simply call the office at 866.850.4257 and we’ll be happy to accomodate your request.

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AHDS Customer Service Process

  1. Request quote via phone or email
  2. AHDS will respond and will obtain your site specs, either via phone or in person.
  3. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations for your particuliar need with a WRITTEN quote.
  4. After quote acceptance. Travis will call to schedule your service.
  5. Crews will come out at assigned date and time to perform your kitchen exhaust cleaning or fire suppression service.  Crews will take Before and After Pics during service (kitchen exhaust cleaning only..
  6. Leigh will perform a satisfaction call the following morning after service to address any needs.  Feel free to request your before/after pics to be emailed to you!!
  7. Any Service Issues will be addressed promptly by Leigh, Operations Mgr., or our Service Mgr.
  8. Our customer service tracking system will automatically schedule out your next service.  We will call you to schedule an appointment when your next service is due!
  9. Any billing issues should be addressed to Autumn.  AHDS can also process your Visa/Mastercard payment over the phone!

AHDS is THE leader in KEC services for the state of NC.  We have run into multiple situations where companies/individuals have misrepresented themselves as AHDS.  To prevent this, please understand:

  1. AHDS ALWAYS makes appointments to service your account.  We never ‘just show up’ unexpected.
  2. AHDS Techs arrive in uniform.
  3. AHDS vehicles are clearly marked with company logo/lettering.  Click for Example
  4. AHDS Techs are not allowed to accept cash as a form of payment.