The Cleaning Process

Protecting the Kitchen

PROTECTING THE KITCHEN: AHDS takes every precaution to make sure all grease/waste water is contained.

Filter Cleaning

All filters are removed, thoroughly cleaned, and replaced.

Cleaning Ansul Systems

Ansul Systems are cleaned, allowing them to function properly in case of a fire.

Hood Systems

Hood systems are designed to direct excess grease into an area designed for a grease trap. Hood grease traps allow excess grease to go in the trap instead of running down the wall requiring additional cleaning and maintenance.

Hinged Fan

Hinges enable safe access to the inside of the fan for cleaning, inspection and repair. They allow the fan’s electrical components to stay stationary for continued safe operation. Fans not equipped with hinges have to be picked up off the duct and laid down on its side for cleaning, which causes extreme ware & tare on all parts of the fan especially to the electrical components.

Hinged Fan

Properly working hinge kit’s greatly reduce damage to the fan and requires only one technician, producing a quicker and more efficient cleaning.

Clean Fan

The inside of the fan including the blades are completely cleaned to allow it to operate at its maximum capacity. A CLEAN FAN REMOVES HEAT AND EXHAUST MUCH MORE EFFICIENTLY.

Duct Cleaning

All accessible areas of the duct are systematically cleaned from top to bottom. Removal of accumulated grease facilitates in fire prevention.

Fan Cleaning

Once the inside of the fan is completely cleaned it’s place back on the duct and thoroughly cleaned on the outside too.

Clean Roof

The roof is then thoroughly cleaned around the fan whereas the technician inspects and notates the condition of the fan’s electrical cable and whether hinges and/or grease traps are present and working properly for your maintenance inspection report.

Grease Traps

Grease traps enable any overflow to go into the trap instead of on the roof where it can cause subsequent damage over time. Weatherized, flexible electrical cable for the fan is required in order to safely open the fan for cleaning, inspection and repair.

Stainless Steel Hood Polishing

Stainless steel hoods are completely polished with an anti-rust protectant, guarding against buildup and rust.


A label of record is placed on the hood indicating the date of your most recent cleaning and the date the next service is due.

Clean Work Areas

Work areas are carefully cleaned and the floors scrubbed and mopped, leaving it cleaner than when we arrived.